Volunteer Opportunities:


Registration Days: Help check in and register students

Long Distance Sail/Overnight & Beach Day: Transportation, Food, Cooking, Chaperones, Park Co-ordinator

Awards Program: Check In, Cooking, Food Shopping, T-Shirt Sales, Instructor Gifts Co-ordinator, Welcoming, Set-up, Clean-up, Lost & Found Co-ordinator

Parent Orientation: Set-up, Clean-up, Help with check in, help with registration forms

STEM Camp: teachers, assistants to teachers, set up, clean up, materials organization, materials acquisitions

Auction: Decorations, Logistics, Set-up, Clean-up, Check In, Check Out, Silent Auction, Raffle Sales, Food Co-ordinator, Tent Co-ordinator, Acquisitions, Sponsorship acquisitions, Ad Sales, Thank you notes, SPecial Appeal helpers, Spotters 

Build-a-Boat: Chairperson, Promotions, Paper Plate awards artist, general helpers

Junior Racing: Set-up, rigging, break-down, race committee, award flags, scoring,general help

InterClub Racing: drivers, provide snacks, provide water/drinks, assist coaches, t-shirts, equipment

Daily: Greet families, help with daily paperwork, clean-up helpers, phone calls as needed

Marketing: Help with literature design, mailing list help,

Fund-raising: Grant research, grant writing, help with mailings, project chairs

More: Let your mind wander and let us know where you would like to pitch in!