Course Descriptions



Summer 2020 STEM Explorations

Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday

10:00 - 10:45 AM

Age Appropriate for elementary and up. 

Some activities may require parental supervision. 

Two session online explorations of STEM related content with a day in between for self guided (or student with parent) outdoor & indoor hands on activities.

The 1st online session introduces concepts so that the day between online sessions will be used by students to assemble their experiments, collect specimens, and record data. During the 2nd online session, students will virtually share their experiment results.

All materials needed are commonly found household items. Material lists and data and recording sheets will be provided, by email, upon registration.

Students need to have access to a computer, printer, and the internet.

Online sessions will be conducted on Zoom.  

Register for as many explorations as you like. Explorations and dates are listed below.

Registrations must be received a minimum of 3 days prior to exploration start date.

In the current economic situation, we understand the hardships affecting some families. HHWSP has always been committed to serving our local and summer communities, and so, for 2020, STEM is being offered at no cost. Charitable donations are always appreciated, and will help ensure the continuance of our programs. If you are able to make a donation, we hope you will consider doing so through our Facebook page, or by mailing a check, made payable to HHWSP, memo STEM, to PO Box 405, Henderson Harbor, NY 13651.

To register, please email us at List Student Name, date of birth, Parent Name, phone number, and  which explorations you are registering for. 


July 6 & 8   How Clean is Your Beach?

Healthy Waterways are important! This exploration teaches students to get the debris out of their waterways and off their beaches, while inspiring them to be a part of the solution to pollution. 

July 13 & 15  Head in the Clouds

Explore different types of clouds, learn their names and how they are formed. Students will conduct an experiment that creates a cloud of their own.

July 20 & 22   How Does Your Boat Float?

Start off looking at floating and sinking, then design and construct a boat using household items. Buoyancy, Density, and Displacement will be discovered along the way.


July 27 & 29   Geology of Your Watershed

Involving rocks, dirt, and digging students look closely at the sediment on their beaches and the rocks they find. Learn to identify the types of rocks and how they are formed.


August 3 & 5   Catch the Wind

Create an anemometer and learn how wind is measured. Compare wind velocity in different locations.


August 10 & 12   Build a Compass & Navigate

Students will build a compass, and then with some map work, will learn how to read maps and use their compasses


July 7 & 9   A Friendly Oil Spill

In this oil cleanup experiment, students will create and clean up their own oil spill while gaining an understanding of how scientists, engineers, and technicians handle large, hazardous spills. 

July 14 & 16   Cloud in a Bottle

Students will conduct an experiment in which water vapor can be made to condense into the form of small cloud droplets & learn about weather cycles.

July 21 & 23   Fins, Scales, Tails, & Claws

Students will learn about and identify different types of fish and other types of critters that lie beneath the surface of Lake Ontario. If students are from other regions, they can share their discoveries and indigenous creature via e-mail, or texted, photos that can be shared and discussed during the 2nd online session.

July 28 & 30   Get Grabbing - An Environmental Exploration

Healthy waterways are important! This exploration looks at the types of debris found in waterways and on beaches and how they can be a part of the pollution solution.

August 4 & 6   Mechanical Advantage

Discover different types of energy and ride your bike.....we won't ruin it by saying more.

August 11 & 13   Slime - Friendly and Unfriendly Algae

Make your own slime and learn about the types of algae present in Lake Ontario and beyond.

Parents acknowledge that by registering, photographs of explorations and students may be used on this website and other HHWSP marketing venues. HHWSP does not share names or any information about minor students or their families.