"Learning on and in the water..."

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Henderson Harbor Watersports Program


The Henderson Harbor Water Sports Program Inc. (HHWSP) is a not for profit 501(c)(3) educational organization dedicated to promoting water sports to students of all ages in the Henderson Harbor Area.

Our Fleet

Club 420s, Optimists, Blue Dragons, Cape Dory Typhoons, Lightnings, Boston Whalers


At HHWSP, we are committed to maintaing a safe and current fleet of boats to train and race on.  From beginner sailing to national races, our boats will prepare students for a lifetime of fun!  Our top of the line swimming instruction gives our students the skills and knowledge necessary to be a safe and profiecient swimmer.  Our new safe powerboat training program goes a step farther than your typical NASBLA course.  It takes that critical safe boating knowledge and applies it to practical on-the-water training.  Learn how to safely sail, swim and operate a powerboat at HHWSP.  Call us today to register for our programs.