Learning & Fun On & In the Water

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Welcome to HHWSP 2021!

Safe Fun & Learning On & In the Water

Due to Covid, our programs will be quite different than past years.

Please read Course Descriptions, Policies, and the Parent Handbook carefully.


Youth Sailing Programs will be offered in 3 sessions of 2 weeks each.You may choose to take just one, two, or all three. Please indicate your choice of session(s) on your registration form.

Adult Sail and Swimming remain as 6 week programs.

STEM is offered as in person or virtual with six units of 1 week each.

Class sizes for all programs have been reduced to 8 students.

NYS Safe Boating Courses will be held in the tents at the Henderson Harbor Performing Arts Association property 

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Henderson Harbor Water Sports Program Inc. (HHWSP) is a not for profit 501(c)(3) educational organization dedicated to promoting water sports to students of all ages in the Henderson Harbor Area.

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