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Summer 2020 Update June 25

STEM Explorations can be found under the Programs heading above


Learning and Fun On and In the Water is a bit different this summer.

We are committed to the Learning part, but due to Covid-19, the Fun On and In the Water part is not going to happen.


Guidance from NYS and US Sailing dictate greatly reduced class sizes, and sanitizing & health check requirements that, for a program of our size and budget are cost prohibitive. The requirements for masks and distancing on and in the water create significant safety concerns for students and staff. All of this has contributed to our decision that we are not able, at this time, to offer programs which would be safe or fun for everyone.


Water Sports are sports that should be enjoyed for a lifetime. If they cannot be both safe and fun, we feel strongly that we would be remiss in our commitment to students, staff, and community to undertake them. 


Our amazing staff are working to develop Virtual STEM programs, and a series of Boating Basics videos. Please check back here, and on our Facebook page for more information on those.


We will be working hard this summer to ensure that, in 2021, we will be able to offer programs that provide a safe and fun environment for all. 


Thank you for your understanding and support!


Henderson Harbor Water Sports Program Inc. (HHWSP) is a not for profit 501(c)(3) educational organization dedicated to promoting water sports to students of all ages in the Henderson Harbor Area.

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